Meet the Staff

May 10th, 2016

Emily Schnitzer, Camp Kee Tov Director

Years at Camp Kee Tov: 21

Emily could not be more excited to begin this chapter of Camp Kee Tov as the Director! She joined the family in 1996 and after experiencing her first messy day, she never looked back. She spent the next 20 years completely enveloped in this welcoming and fun community. With 7 years as a camper, 7 years on staff, 2 years as the Giborim Program Director and 4 years in the office as the Administrator and Associate Director, she is ready to take the reigns and keep Kee Tov the place to be every summer!

Throughout those 20 years she made her closest friends playing bramble scramble at Sunset State Beach, making breakfast on Giborim overnights and cultivating the future leaders of camp at Staff Training. She loves the sense of community and pride that each camper and counselor shows around Kee Tov. When campers and counselors scream their cheers at the top of their lungs and know what song Eric Schoen is going to sing from his first chord strum- her heart melts.

She can’t wait for this summer to begin! If you’re looking for a place to spend your summers engulfed in creativity, camaraderie, ruach (spirit) and genuine fun- you’ve come to the right place!

Contact her anytime at or 510-848-2372.


Allie Liepman, Camp Kee Tov Administrator

Years at Camp Kee Tov: 22

 Allie calls herself a Kee Tov “Lifer.”  She lives and breathes camp. Her Kee Tov life began in Rishonim in 1994 and, 22 years later, she couldn’t be more excited to be in her new role as the Camp Kee Tov Administrator. Before Allie became the Kee Tov Administrator, she was a Program Director for 4 years and worked for Congregation Beth El’s Youth and Family Education programs.

If you ask Allie what her favorite camp memory is she won’t be able to tell you because there are too many to name! That said, some favorites are overnight talent shows, the Gesher Backpacking Trip and dancing in the Map Show.

Allie deeply cares about every registration form, friendship circle and most importantly, every Kee Tov camper! When she isn’t “clickity-clacking” on the office keyboard, she plays softball, quotes Save the Last Dance and spends time with friends and family.

Contact her anytime at or 510-848-2372.


Olivia Levine-Gorelick, Rishonim Program Director (Kindergarten)

Years at Camp Kee Tov: 16

Olivia began her CKT career in Rishonim and has returned every year since. As a double session-er, Olivia’s summers have been filled with fuzzy milk, capture the flag and RUACH for as long as she can remember. The program Rishonim holds a very special place in Olivia’s heart, and while she’s only worked in one other program, there’s something about Rish that can’t keep her away.

This will be Olivia’s sixth summer on staff and 16th summer at camp. Starting as a CIT in Rish, she is thrilled to take on the PD position. She is anticipating the most creative programming of all time and creating a ruach-filled space that will send kids home wanting more. She is confident that this summer, Rishonim will be named the best program at camp.

When Olivia is not making friendship pins and tucking Rish-ers in at the mock overnight, she is attending UC Santa Cruz studying Anthropology and Education. When she is not in the classroom, you can find her watercoloring at the beach, drinking tea or interning at the local homeless shelter.


Beckett Sheeder, Habonim Program Director (1st and 2nd grades)

Years at Camp Kee Tov: 16

Do you believe that sometimes things are just meant to be? Well don’t call it a comeback, but Beckett is returning to his homeland of Habonim in 2016. Beckett returns to Habonim after taking a year to see what the Gesher life is all about. He couldn’t be happier to be back!

Beckett has spent his time since last Family Night getting City Council Members elected in Houston and living the Podcast life up in Washington DC while working on an education proposal to fix all of Louisiana’s problems (ask him about it). Coming back for a tenth (and final?) summer, Beckett is confident that this will be the most amazing one yet!

Next fall, he will return to college to finish his Political Science degree at LSU (with a minor in college football) whilst continuing to work on his education proposal. Until then he can’t wait to spend the summer with all his new Habonim friends! Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Leave.


Alana Levine-Gorelick, Giborim Program Director (3rd and 4th grades)

Years at Camp Kee Tov: 18

Alana began her career as a wee five year old enticed by the ruach that Kee Tov had to offer.  From the start Kee Tov was so engraved in Alana’s summer that her entire family grew up planning every summer family vacation for the break in between the two sessions.  She believes that her year is never complete without singing on the bus, playing capture the flag and tie dying a white (or dirt stained) t-shirt on an overnight.

This is Alana’s 7th year on staff, 5th year working in Giborim, and 18th summer being a part of the Kee Tov fun.  After taking a year off from the wild and craziness that is Giborim, Alana could not be more ecstatic to show the rest of camp just how much greatness Giborim has to offer.

When Alana is not dreaming of Camp Kee Tov, she is a student at the University of Puget Sound pursuing a degree in Business. When not in the classroom she can be found schmoozing with alumni or hanging out with the chocolate Labradors who walk through campus each day.


Rachel Kator, Mapilim Program Director (5th and 6th grades)

Years at Camp Kee Tov: 18

Rachel began her Kee Tov career back in 1999 as a wee Rishonimer and never looked back. Whether she was getting sunburned, stealing the spotlight from E-Schoen or imitating her counselors’ performances of Kumsitz, Rachel knew she had found her home for the summer! By the time Gesher rolled around, she was positive she wanted to become a counselor at the camp where she had spent so many unforgettable summers.

Rachel spent her first three years as a counselor with the mighty Giborim (where her nickname ‘RayKay’ was coined), the next couple with Rishonim, adventured with crazy Chalutzimers for one and spent last year as the Program Director of Rishonim. She has always wanted to work in Mapilim and the time has finally come for her to lead the pack!

While she’s not spending her time living and breathing Camp Kee Tov, Rachel enjoys practicing her Spanish with anyone who will partake, playing soccer, making tortillas at Tacubaya and imitating the internet sensation, “Marcel the Shell.” She spent her first couple years of college at UC Santa Cruz and is currently taking classes at Berkeley City College. For now, she’s awaiting the arrival of a summer that’s bound to be filled with never-ending ruach.


Max Claus, Chalutzim Program Director (7th and 8th grades)

Years at Camp Kee Tov: 20

At the prime age of six, Max was introduced to the wonders of Kee Tov in Rishonim. After his first day Max realized that Kee Tov was special and hasn’t looked back since!

“The summer wouldn’t be a real without some quality Kee Tov time.” Having said this, Max joined the staff in 2005 and has loved every minute since. Max has worked in Habonim, Mapilim, Chalutzim and last year he spent the summer as a Gesh counselor backpacking his brains out.

In May, 2012 Max Graduated from the University of California, Merced, earning a degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in Child Development. For the last 3 years Max has been pursing his MFA in photography, which has lead to him working for video production company ‘Sprinkle Lab’ and freelancing in visual arts.

Max is stoked to bring tons of ruach and fresh ideas to make this the best Chalutzim summer ever!


Misha Yerlick, Gesher Program Director (9th grade)

Years at Camp Kee Tov: 22

Misha has been at Camp Kee Tov so long he bleeds fuzzy milk and plans on naming his first two children “Ruach” and “Have you got that.” Misha, the son of an Israeli caterer and Beth El Hebrew School Teacher, grew up participating in every Jewish activity/camp one could think of, but nothing ever did it quite like The Tov.

In his eleven summers on staff, Misha has worked in four programs and this year will be continuing to put his Mechanical Engineering degree to good use by building some bridges as Gesher Program Director.

After taking last summer off (only his second Kee-Tov-Less summer in the last 22), he is bursting with ruach and ready to unleash an unforgettable summer.  In their last year as campers, Gesher will go out in style: cruising around the bay, backpacking in the Sierras and on countless other adventures.  He can’t wait to keep this summer so Gesh and so clean, clean.


Victoria Miller, Chaverim Program Director (Before and After Camp Program)

Years at Camp Kee Tov: 10

After a brief hiatus spent working and studying in Washington DC last summer, Victoria couldn’t stay away from fuzzy milk and the Map Show for any longer. She is excited to return to camp for her 10th summer as the Program Director of Chaverim! Victoria worked in Chaverim as a CIT, and has also worked in Giborim and Mapilim. Transitioning from her latest role as the Arts and Crafts specialist in Mapilim in 2014, Victoria looks forward to showing the CKT community just how much creativity it takes to keep the ruach levels high before the camp day starts and when it ends. She cannot wait to work with campers of all ages and their families as one of the first and last shining faces they see each day!

When not making lanyards or playing Capture the Flag on the Beth El wood chips, Victoria also enjoys traveling, writing and going to concerts in her free time. After spending the last four years translating ruach to school spirit and ‘raising high’ from our nation’s capital, Victoria will finish her undergraduate degree in International Affairs at the George Washington University in May. She is looking forward to bringing the good vibes and fun memories from this summer with her when she moves to Australia in September.

Victoria cannot wait to finish up her college career and trade in her textbooks for the coveted Chaverim clipboard and fanny pack this summer as Program Director!