There’s a lot of jargon at Camp Kee Tov, which most of the staff know, which most of the campers know, but very little of the parents know! Time to put that to an end…

Ruach: In Hebrew, translates to ‘spirit’. Ruach permeates every aspect of camp, every staff member, camper, activity, and overnight. It is not only our energy with which we lead activities, but our creativity, positivity and love of the kids and community.

Kumsitz: Every morning counselors perform a couple skits and a song for the kids.

Edah: Translates roughly to “group.” Only exist in Hab (Bet and Gimmel) and Gib (Daled and Hey) where the age groups are separated at times, like on an overnight or theme day.

Chugim: Translates roughly to “club.” Occurring only in Giborim, chugim differ from year to year. They often include sports, dance and various creative clubs. Usually done on Tuesdays and Thursdays before the pool.

Specialties: Translates roughly to “specialty.” Occurring only in Mapilim, the specialties are always sports, arts and crafts, drama, dance and music. Each specialty is led by a specialist, who is an experienced Mapilim counselor. All but the sports specialty are involved in the production of the Map Show. Usually done on Mondays and Wednesdays before the pool.

Map Show: Final show on the fourth Wednesday performed by Mapilimers. Counselors come dressed to impress. Casual wear acceptable for parents.

Fuzzy Milk: At lunch time, counselors pour milk for campers. Pouring milk from a great height creates bubbles at the top. Spilling is unacceptable.

All-Camp Shabbat: The third Friday of each session, the entire camp congregates for a day full of fun and Jewish learning. Chalutzim puts on a carnival at the end. There is ice cream. (Not to be confused with “Family Night.”)

Round Robin: A frequently used tactic of programming. Counselors lead activities and campers rotate from one to the next.

Switcheroo: Like a Round Robin but with only two activities happening at once.

E-Kit: emergency kit, always well-stocked, held by counselors.

E-Card: emergency card with camper’s emergency info.

E-Schoen: Eric Schoen, Camp Kee Tov songleader.

Prep/Clep: Preparing and cleaning up meals and activities.

Schlep: Carrying crates and supplies.

Snircle: Snack and Friendship Circle.

Friendship Circle: At the end of the day everyone circles up and sings Shalom Chaverim and Henay MaTov.

Family Night: Last day of the session, campers and parents come for a Shabbat picnic, song session, and final friendship circle.