Beckett Sheeder

Camp Kee Tov Director


It was widely believed that when Beckett walked off into the sunset on Family Night back in 2016 it was the last we would see of him. But oh were we wrong… the fuzzy milk, Eric Schoen song sessions and the chance to spend a couple more summers with all his amazing friends was just too much for him to pass up. He packed up his car with all his earthly possessions, said goodbye to Louisiana, and sped back to Berkeley as fast as legally allowed (80mph on the highway in Texas…). 

Beckett is no stranger to CKT, having been introduced to the ruach as a little Habonimer back in 1998. He loved camp as a camper but found his true calling in 2007 when he joined the greatest group of camp counselors this universe has ever seen. In his eleven years on staff, including five years as a PD, Beckett has had the opportunity to work in Rishonim, Habonim, Mapilim and Gesher and cannot be more excited to begin his reign as Director.

So goodbye Baton Rouge, (kosher) gumbo and Mike the Tiger and hello office. Summer is right around the corner and as we always say at Camp Kee Tov, “Laissez les bon temps rouler”… “Let the good times roll”!

Gabi Pardee

Camp Kee Tov Administrator


Gabi Pardee, known for such hits as the “Role Model Camper” award in Gesh 2010 and dancing to Brittany Spears in the infamous 2008 Chalutzim talent show, is ready to make her triumphant return to the Tov!

Gabi began her illustrious Kee Tov career as a wee Habonimer back in 2001 and never looked back. When her camper career ended after her aforementioned “Role Model Camper” summer, Gabi took her talents to the Kee Tov Staff. She had the pleasure of working in Giborim, Mapilim, Chalutzim, and Chaverim in her five years on staff.

After 2015, Gabi took a brief three year hiatus during which she revolutionized the retail game. She turned the once mom and pop shop, Anthropologie, into a national brand single handedly. When the position of Camp Kee Tov Administrator opened up, she knew she was perfect for the role. She said, “Forget this national success! It’s time to change the Kee Tov game.”

Gabi cannot wait to begin her first year in this new role and looks forward to making Kee Tov the best it’s ever been whilst re-getting to know the camp family.

Sarah Bongiovanni

Rishonim Program Director


She may not have been the one who put Kee Tov on the map but geography major Sarah Bongiovanni can certainly find Kee Tov on a map. Sarah, a recent graduate of THE Louisiana State University with a degree in Geography and a concentration in Disaster Science and Management, is ready to take Rishonim to the top! She has long considered herself a Rishonimer at heart and cannot wait to share her love of Gaga, Red Light - Green Light, and all things Oobleck with her new Rish friends. While this is her first summer at The Tov, this is not her first camp rodeo. Back in her hometown of New Orleans, Sarah has been counseling the littlest campers for the better part of the last decade. She hopes to bring a ton of ruach and immerse herself fully in all the traditions of the past 50+ years at the Tov! 

Rachel Kator

Habonim Program Director


Rachel (or Ray-Kay, her Hebrew name) has been in the Kee Tov game for some time now...Starting as a 5 year-old Rishonim-er and continuing all the way through Gesher and now onto staff, it’s clear she is pretty obsessed with ruach, fuzzy milk, and Mississippi at Gillespie. After taking one-year off, she realized that life without the Tov just really isn’t the same and is thrilled to be back at the place she loves the most. Rachel can’t wait to take the leap into Habonim after being a Program Director in Rishonim, Mapilim, and Chalutzim. She can't wait for what the summer has in store!

Sevrin Weiss

Giborim Program Director


Sevrin is taking a break from tanning on the beach in Santa Barbara to come back and take over his dream job of Giborim Program Director. When he is not busy writing Gib cheers and studying up on new face painting techniques, Sevrin spends his days studying International Relations and working on sustainability projects on campus at UC Santa Barbara. After a short hiatus in Chalutzim and Gesher, Sevrin will be back in his happy place at Laurel with Giborimers. He is excited for his first chance to take on the Program Director role and hopes to continue Gib’s illustrious run in the ruach competition.

Eli Mizock

Mapilim Program Director


A long, long time ago, there was a young boy who dreamt of one day becoming Mapilim Program Director. As the years went by, and he outgrew his days as a camper and went on to counsel his way through many different programs, his heart always remained in Mapilim. Overtime, the young boy became a young man and today his dream has been realized. That young boy is none other than the great Eli Mizock. As a History major at Reed College, he was disappointed to discover he couldn’t have his concentration in the history of Mapilim. His friends delight in his one-man Map shows he puts on for classmates in Oregon. He is the proud captain of the champion intramural Gaga team at Reed and cannot wait to bring his enthusiasm back to camp this summer. Breakdown, breakdown, can he get a breakdown?

Nattie Copeland

Chalutzim Program Director


Nathaniel Beauregard Copeland IIV, comes from a long line of Camp Kee Tov counselors who have been plying their trade of SPY, Zombie, and putting on Map Shows since before campers had cell phones. He returns to the Tov with a heartful of ruach and head full of knowledge. During his non-Kee Tov months, Nattie occupies himself through his studies at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo where he is majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Interactive Art. Always the renaissance man, Nattie hopes to share him many passions with his Chalutzim compatriots. As was previously mentioned, Nattie comes from an impressive lineage and was the third of his siblings to work at CKT (there will be a fourth sibling this summer as brother Nico joins the illustrious Kee Tov staff). This summer is Chalutzim is lining up to be the best one yet, and Nattie can't wait for the ride! 

Sasha Price

Gesher Program Director


Rumor has it, the Price family has been roaming the halls of Beth El almost as long as Kee Tov has been around. After the last two summers as Habonim Program Director, Sasha felt it was only right to share her talents with other programs at camp. Now she finds herself leading the oldest campers as they begin a year of transition both to high school and to the Kee Tov staff. And to make it all even more L’dor Vador-able, Sasha has had the pleasure of counseling this years Gesher campers when they were in Habonim and Mapilim! Sasha cannot wait for an awesome summer spent backpacking, lounging on a catamaran on the San Francisco Bay and singing songs around a campfire!

Olivia Levine-Gorelick

Chaverim Program Director


Olivia’s summers have been full of ruach for as long as she can remember. She got a taste of Kee Tov as a wee little Rishonim-er and has been back every summer since! She just can’t get enough! After six summers working in Rishonim, Olivia decided to dip her toes in a new program: Chaverim, and it quickly stole her heart. She has been Program Director in both Rishonim and Chaverim and is so excited about sharing the magic of camp with kids of all ages in the special program of Chaverim! When Olivia is not at camp she is studying holistic healing modalities and training to be a doula.