Beckett Sheeder

Camp Kee Tov Director


It was widely believed that when Beckett walked off into the sunset on Family Night back in 2016 it was the last we would see of him. But oh were we wrong… the fuzzy milk, Eric Schoen song sessions and the chance to spend a couple more summers with all his amazing friends was just too much for him to pass up. He packed up his car with all his earthly possessions, said goodbye to Louisiana, and sped back to Berkeley as fast as legally allowed (80mph on the highway in Texas…). 

Beckett is no stranger to CKT, having been introduced to the ruach as a little Habonimer back in 1998. He loved camp as a camper but found his true calling in 2007 when he joined the greatest group of camp counselors this universe has ever seen. In his eleven years on staff, including five years as a PD, Beckett has had the opportunity to work in Rishonim, Habonim, Mapilim and Gesher and cannot be more excited to begin his reign as Director.

So goodbye Baton Rouge, (kosher) gumbo and Mike the Tiger and hello office. Summer is right around the corner and as we always say at Camp Kee Tov, “Laissez les bon temps rouler”… “Let the good times roll”!

Gabi Pardee

Camp Kee Tov Administrator


Gabi Pardee, known for such hits as the “Role Model Camper” award in Gesh 2010 and dancing to Brittany Spears in the infamous 2008 Chalutzim talent show, is ready to make her triumphant return to the Tov!

Gabi began her illustrious Kee Tov career as a wee Habonimer back in 2001 and never looked back. When her camper career ended after her aforementioned “Role Model Camper” summer, Gabi took her talents to the Kee Tov Staff. She had the pleasure of working in Giborim, Mapilim, Chalutzim, and Chaverim in her five years on staff.

After 2015, Gabi took a brief three year hiatus during which she revolutionized the retail game. She turned the once mom and pop shop, Anthropologie, into a national brand single handedly. When the position of Camp Kee Tov Administrator opened up, she knew she was perfect for the role. She said, “Forget this national success! It’s time to change the Kee Tov game.”

Gabi cannot wait to begin her first year in this new role and looks forward to making Kee Tov the best it’s ever been whilst re-getting to know the camp family.