Curious what your camper does while at camp?

Now you have the answers.

7:45 a.m. (Wishful thinking?): Wake up.

7:50: Shower. (They do that, right. Right?!)

8:15: Eat breakfast consisting of Grape-Nuts, lowfat yogurt and fruit. Maybe some broccoli for good measure.

8:30: Leave for bus or Beth El.

8:45-9:15: Arrive at Beth El.

9:15-9:30: Greeted by counselors; play games in respective meeting area; sing and laugh.

9:30: Load buses to go to respective park. Counselors song lead on the bus.

9:45ish: Arrive at park.

9:50: Kumsitz (skits performed by counselors for the campers. Think of it as our version of a Broadway Musical, without the music).

10:05: Activities begin, ranging from arts and crafts to drama games to sports activities.

11:00ish: Lunch (differs by day, by program, but ALWAYS includes Fuzzy Milk).

11:30: Lunch finishes. More activities ensue. (Some programs will head to the pool at this time. At the pool they swim. But you probably knew that…).

Sometime in the afternoon:
 E-Schoen, the infamous songleader, will come share some tunes with both the staff and kids. There are hand motions.

2:15: Snircle. Snircle is a the combination of snack and friendship circle. Cheez-Its, Goldfish and Wheat Thins are popular choices.

 Load the buses and head back to Beth El.

 Arrive at Beth El. Go to afternoon destinations.

 Arrive at afternoon destinations. Tell parents that they, “Didn’t do much today,” despite having an awesomely-fun day.

4:00: Go to sleep because they are exhausted. Dream about kumsitz, theme days and ruach.