Ask any Camp Kee Tov camper from the youngest Rishonimer to the oldest Gesher camper, and they will tell you that it’s RUACH that makes our camp so special — the spirit of creative energy and friendship shared by counselors and campers each summer. Ruach is an integral part of all our cultural traditions at Camp Kee Tov, starting off each day with Kumzitz (our daily morning song and skits), and ending each day with community building friendship circles — even in our end-of-the-week Shabbat celebrations.

Our strength comes from our rich tradition and sense of community; most of our staff members were Camp Kee Tov campers, and their continued involvement gives the camp a family feeling that infuses the entire community. We are dedicated to the cultural and personal enrichment of campers of all ages, providing role-models and leadership training, along with good, safe fun. Camp Kee Tov welcomes children of all religious and ethnic backgrounds. We promote the values of mutual respect, tzedakah (social justice), and love of nature. We also stress ongoing communication with our campers’ families. For us, ruach adds up to fun, friendship, responsibility, community, sharing, and individual achievement for every one of our campers!

Staff members at Camp Kee Tov are dedicated to the personal development of all campers and know how to create a fun and safe environment for the kids. Each summer the entire staff attends a week long training retreat. They learn safety and first aid skills; attend seminars on child development, programming skills and problem solving; and spend time getting to know each other. The counselors create wonderful age appropriate activities so that the campers can learn to work, play and grow together. Our staff includes childcare professionals as well as specialists in singing, dance, dramatic arts, sports and arts and crafts. We maintain a 7:1 camper to staff ratio in the K-6 programs, ensuring your child will receive ongoing and personal attention. Most of our counselors were campers here and love what Kee Tov has brought to their lives, and most return summer after summer to share the legacy of Camp Kee Tov with new generations of future counselors, often forming long-lasting relationships with their campers.