What is ruach?

In Hebrew, translates to ‘spirit’. Ruach permeates every aspect of camp, every staff member, camper, activity, and overnight. It is not only our energy with which we lead activities, but our creativity, positivity and love of the kids and community.

What are the camp hours?

The day begins at 9am and ends at 3pm. We have extended care both in the morning and afternoon. That info can be found here.

How often do you go to Tilden Park?

Depends on the age group.

Habonim (entering 1st and 2nd grades) and Giborim (entering 3rd and 4th grades) try to go at least twice a week, depending on their schedules.

Our all-camp Shabbat days (the third Friday of each session) are always in Tilden!

What’s your policy on cell phones and electronics?

Camp is a great place to meet life-long friends, make great connections with counselors and have fun outdoors.

We strongly discourage campers from bringing cell phones or electronics to camp. Cell phones may not be used during the day unless approved by a counselor. Electronics are only allowed at very specific times.

What is this “Messy Day” I’ve been hearing about?

A day dedicated to getting filthy! Campers and counselors cover themselves with paint, shaving cream and other materials that you’d never think to put on yourself. Because, hey, getting messy’s fun!

Are you serious?


How Jewish is Camp Kee Tov?

Camp Kee Tov focuses on the Jewish values of community and identity while embracing cultural pride. We have campers and staff from various Jewish — and non-Jewish — backgrounds who all come together for a wonderful summer experience.

We aren’t Jewish. Can we still go to Camp Kee Tov?

Absolutely! While Camp Kee Tov is the premier Jewish day camp in the Bay Area, we cater towards campers from all backgrounds. If you like games, being outdoors and having the best summer ever, Camp Kee Tov is the place for you.

My child’s after-camp plans are different than usual. What should I do?

Call the After-Camp Hotline! The number is in the Ruach Guide.

We don’t live close to Congregation Beth El. Is there something to help the commute?

Yes! We have “feeder” buses in two strategic locations that pick campers up in the morning and drop them off in the afternoon. This service is completely free!

1. North Berkeley Library (Alameda and Hopkins)
2. Temescal Regional Recreation Park North Entrance (Broadway Terrace, Oakland)

More info will come with the Ruach Guide and Registration Forms.

My child has never been to Kee Tov and doesn’t know anyone. Will your counselors help make a positive experience?

OF COURSE!!! We have a nice mix of new and returning campers each summer. Our staff goes through a week-long training on how to handle common and unique situations. Most of our staff were campers and know the anxiety that comes with starting at a new camp. Kee Tov prides itself on getting to know each child as an individual and putting campers in situations to help bond with each other and our staff. Many campers and staff build life-long relationships at Camp Kee Tov.